Greater Toronto Area Intergroup of

Sex Addicts Anonymous*

2018 SAA GTA Conference

Saturday, Feb. 24
St Andrew’s United Church
117 Bloor St.

Registration for the February 24th SAA GTA Conference is now open! Please sign up now to reserve your seat, space is limited.

Tickets are $30 per person and include lunch (details TBD). For those who do not wish to purchase lunch, tickets are available at a slightly reduced rate.

Your ticket must be paid for in advance to guarantee your spot. Please remit payment via online Interac money transfer to this address:

Note: If you wish to donate more than $30, any additional remittance will be allocated towards a small number of subsidized tickets reserved for members who may not have the financial means to attend at the full price.

GTA SAA Fellowship 2017 Summer Social

How are we doing?

On Saturday, September 16, the regularly scheduled 9:30 meeting of SAA was followed by a welcome for all SAA Greater Toronto Area meetings to discuss:

"Our Messages": How are we doing at getting out the message of the 12 Steps and the work of recovery?

  • For Newcomers – what we do, and what could we do better, regarding:
    • outreach: through many sources and channels
    • welcoming at meetings
    • helping newcomers realize: I need to come back, I want to come back

The notes from the meeting are now available.

A potluck and fellowship followed on that perfect late-summer day.

SAA GTA Conference 2017

The Power of We

Engaging the Mind, Body and Soul

February 25th, 2017
St. Andrew's United Church, 117 Bloor St. East

Conference Agenda

2017 Conference Highlights


  • Congrats to a wonderful team of volunteers who made a huge impact on others. A conference like we experienced today doesn’t happen without a lot of planning and hard work.
  • This was one of the best SAA GTA conferences ever. I especially liked the exercises in the morning where we had to introduce ourselves to people we do not know.
  • The band was so special. The theme. The workshops. The keynote speaker.
  • To all who worked so hard to put that conference together: Thanks so much. It was a really special day - full of experience, strength and hope. I am very grateful to you all.
  • Definitely one of the most powerful conferences I've experienced in 16 years of them!!
  • Brava to all.... Service, Unity, Love & Fellowship.
  • It has been extraordinarily inclusive, thoughtful and pragmatic.
  • My congratulations to all on a truly outstanding SAA GTA conference. The bar has been raised many notches for any future conferences and I have no doubt that the membership will fondly remember this event for many years to come.
  • Gratitude to the conference Organizing Committee for a truly excellent conference.
  • I am grateful (for the Conference) committee, knowing that (the) best decisions are made by group conscience. Congratulations on an excellent event. Looking forward to next year…
  • It just proves the power of WE!

Feedback from previous conferences:

  • Workshops were very useful. Topics seemed to cover a range of issues, which gave attendees a lot of different choice.
  • All of the workshops were useful and I appreciated the variety of talks mixed with more interactive workshops.
  • The workshops were excellent. With 2 streams happening at the same time there were many difficult choices.
  • The conference instilled a wonderful feeling all day long, that I could be myself with everyone I talked to.
  • I met and connected with other members -- it enriched my recovery and program, and getting out of isolation. Last but not least, the city of Toronto was an incredible experience makes me want to live there.
  • The conference made me rethink my program.
  • It was great to be surrounded by others who are making a daily commitment to staying healthy.
  • I appreciated how dedicated the volunteers who organized it were - it inspired me to see how much work people can put into service.
  • I am not alone in this addiction and there is hope out there.
  • The onsite food was good!

Images on four hands grasping each other at the wrist to make a circle.
You might want to download a copy of our 2017 postcard.