Greater Toronto Area Intergroup of

Sex Addicts Anonymous*

Who is on the GTA-IG?

Trusted Servants:

Secretary: John G (Fulfilling the Promises)

Treasurer: David W (Experience, Strength and Hope)

Literature: Daniel H (Experience, Strength and Hope)

Communications: David M (And We Will Know Peace)

Group Service Representative:currently vacant

List Keeper: Nish A (The Solutions Group)

Intergroup Representatives:

The Only Requirement - Desire -- (Sunday) - currently vacant

Experience, Strength and Hope -- (Monday) - Ross E

Tuesday Night on Carlton Street --(Tuesday) - Brian M

Working the Steps, Richmond Hill -- (Tuesday) Richard

And We Will Know Peace -- (Wednesday) - currently vacant

Fulfilling the Promises -- (Thursday) - Ron R

The Solutions Group -- (Friday) - Graham D

Focus on Sobriety -- (Saturday) - currently vacant


Alex B, Chris C, Don B: co-webmasters

Just like any other group, the GTA-IG needs to be continuously renewed with fresh ideas and perspectives. To foster continuity, trusted servants commit to one year terms and turnover of each postion is staggered through the year.

However, primarily because the participation of individual GTA groups is spotty, the turnover of trusted servant positions on the GTA-IG is stangating. Some positions are currently temporarily filled by outgoing members