Greater Toronto Area Intergroup of

Sex Addicts Anonymous*

What is the Greater Toronto Area Intergroup

The primary purpose of of the Greater Toronto Area Intergroup is no different than any other SAA group - to carry the message of SAA to our fellow addicts. The membership is composed of Intergroup Representatives from individual meetings and ad hoc members who step forward voluntarily to provide special skills such as website maintenance. There are five trusted servant roles: Secretary, Treasurer, Literature, Communications and Group Service Representative.

How is the GTA-IG supported?

The GTA-IG is supported through donations from individual groups. The GTA-IG maintains a cash reserve deemed to be prudent to meet only our local needs (currently set at $1,500.00) and forwards any additional funds to the International Service Organization of SAA

What does the GTA-IG do?

The GTA-IG meets once a month for one hour for what amounts to a business meeting that any group has. We keep up-to-date on all the portfolios. We consider motions and make decisions based on group conscience


Website maintenance, web hosting services

Phone line monitoring and response

Email monitoring and response

Design and printing of public information material


Ordering literature from the ISO

Filling orders to local meetings

Composing, printing and distributing local pamphlets and meeting lists

Event Sponsorship

Annual conference (returning in February 2019)

Weekend retreat (a new event coming sometime in 2019 we hope

Summer Social (held in September of 2018)

SAA table at Recovery Day (held in September of 2018)

Eastern Canada Area

Maintain and grow contact with more than 30 SAA groups from Winnipeg to St. John's

The Group Service Representative chairs a bi-monthly conference call wECAN Eastern Canada Area Newsletter (coming soon)

How often does the GTA-IG meet?

The GTA-IG meets on the third Friday of each month. We currently meet at 7:30 p.m. at 686 Broadview, immediately following The Solutions Group meeting. It's a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and service to the SAA community.

Who can attend Intergroup meetings?

Anyone who is a member of SAA can attend an Intergroup meeting and participate in forming the group conscience. We especially encourage Intergroup reps to attend on a regular basis or send an alternate.

Current Service Opportunities with the GTA-IG

Intergroup Representatives

Every individual group in the GTA is encouraged to elect an Intergroup Rep as a Trusted Servant position for a period of one year. We encourage IG reps to attend GTA-IG meetings regularly. Currently representation of individual SAA groups is low (3 out of 8!). If your home group does not have an Intergroup Rep, please work on having someone represent your group at the GTA-IG. Our fellowship suffers from lack of an important 2-way conduit between your group and the Intergroup that fosters our primary purpose in a number of important ways.

Group Service Representative

  1. Make an effort to develop and maintain contacts with other individual and/or intergroups in the Eastern Canada Area region (Manitoba to the Maritimes).
  2. Coordinate with regional GSRs to elect delegates to the annual international SAA conference.
  3. Make an effort to establish contact with the ISO Conference Steering Committee by participating periodically in conference calls or by subscribing to email reports from the CSC and its sub-committees.
  4. Chair bi-monthly conference call with the ECA GSRs.
  5. Report to the GTA-IG on these activities.
  6. The GSR term is for one year beginning in November.

2019 Retreat Organizer

This is a new GTA-IG initiative. The role of the Retreat Organizer is similar to that of the Conference Organizer in almost all respects. The only difference is that planning will probably need to begin about one year in advance as retreat facilities are routinely booked that far in advance. Once a facility has been identified and booked, the detailed organization will probably be about the same as a conference. The service provided by the GTA-IG would be similar to those provided to the conference.