Greater Toronto Area Intergroup of

Sex Addicts Anonymous*

What is SAA?

head in hands. shame.

Sex Addicts Anonymous, SAA, is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or sexual dependency.

There are no dues or fees for membership.

The only requirement for membership is desire to stop sexual acting out in ways that may be risky to physical health and emotional well being, illegal, painful, costly, jeopardize relationships or employment, or bring shame, guilt, and dishonesty into our lives.

For more information on SAA, we suggest you read the pamphlet entitled "Pathway to Recovery" available for online reading on the website of the International Service Organization of SAA.

*The Greater Toronto Area Intergroup is an autonomous registered group composed of recovering sex addicts who follow the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous®. The content of this website has not been approved by and may not reflect the opinions or policies of the International Service Organization of SAA, Inc. The official website of Sex Addicts Anonymous® is overseen by the International Service Organization of Sex Addicts Anonymous® Inc., through its Board of Trustees who are elected by delegates who represent its member groups.